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Can you define a meeting?

Most meetings in business are strategic. There are strategies for appearing as if you care, strategies to mask incompetence and most importantly strategies for staying awake so that the drool doesn't start to slide down your chin.

I used to doodle until I discovered a new game: coming up with real business definitions.

I'll share them with you through this blog from time to time and here are a few to start with:

Advertising: (n) Reviving the ancient practice of wealthy patrons supporting the whims of those artists who are able to peddle genius.

Analysis: (v) Extracting meaning from data. The practitioners of analysis are an arcane sect calling themselves analysts, reputed to be direct descendants of the alchemists of old. cf Alchemy: Transmuting base metal into gold.

Data: (n) Aggregation of numbers with little or no intrinsic value. Highly prized and sought after by collectors.

Workstation: (n) A device for the increase of productivity, equipped with diversions and distractions enabling the effective use of time gained.