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Web 2.0 vs Oldschool - The steel cage matchups part 2

I used Alexa a few posts
back to compare the relative popularity of a few different businesses. Pitting them against each other in a head on head competition sometimes with surprising results.

Our first fight tonight is a classic; pitting centuries of tradition with a few years of communal effort.

Yes Britannica is on the same graph you can just make out the red line at the bottom. I figured this would be a runaway victory but I wasn't prepared for a first round knockout.

The next bout was held in a dark (firewalled) corner of the internet.

It seems that not all internet pursuits are cerebral (but most of us knew that). If in your next web design meeting it comes up that no one reads on the internet. Use this as a comeback.

Ok now for tonight's main bout:

Is craigslist the death of all classifieds printed? Not unless it gets itself a heavyweight coach, with static traffic patterns and no hunger for the fight its not really going to trouble the major contenders yet.