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Feeding my aDigg-tion:

I procrastinated over this blog for quite awhile before going ahead with it and it is at the moment fueled as much by my addiction to digg as it is by wanted to say a few things to the world. Digg in my case at least is driving me to find unique/interesting/thought provoking content to share with the world. And in this I believe I am not alone.

Digg, del.icio.us and others of their ilk make this a two way conversation, a chance for people to find these words other than through a billion to one random chance. I get a rush every time I see another person bookmarking a link of mine on del.icio.us my heart skips a beat waiting for the page to reload on digging hoping for another elusive digg.

I calculated the overall percentage of stories that get enough diggs to make it to the home page : 34 out of 1230 in a 24 hour period.

2.76% of stories posted will get more than a just a few sideways glances. Leaving 97.24 out of 100 people with an unsatisfied sigh as they see the page reload with no new diggs.

But what about the uber diggers, the elite? Is it just volume that gets them there or are they more connected to the soul of the community?

Let's look at the numbers:

Of the top 30 users the lowest home page to submission ratio is 13%. In translation that means the lowliest of these users is 4.7 times more likely to know what's interesting than the rest of us.
(even user number 300 is 2.6 times more plugged into the digg matrix than average)

And at the top of the food chain? (excluding Kevin rose of course who has a 99% hit rate) User number 10 has a 71% hit rate on 192 submissions that's 25.72 times better than average.
see for yourself who it is ... Oh and while you are there digg this article and help end the sighing